The Clearinghouse activities

The Clearinghouse is more than a classical network. Its Centralised Office gathers nuclear safety experts performing the following technical tasks in support to the EU Member States:

  • “Topical Studies” providing in-depth assessment of either particularly significant events or either families of events. These studies are drafted by experts on the topic and based on an analysis of usually hundreds of event reports.
  • Trend analysis of events in order to identify priority areas.
  • Improvement of the quality of event reports submitted by the EU Member States to the International Reporting System jointly operated by the OECD-NEA and the IAEA.
  • Reporting every three months the main events having occurred in NPPs.
  • Database: a European central OE repository being developed in order to ensure long term storage of OE and to facilitate information retrieval.
  • Further to these activities, the EU Clearinghouse is participating to several international cooperation projects on OE, mainly through the IAEA and the OECD-NEA working groups.