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53rd ESReDA Seminar "Enhancing Safety: The Challenge of Foresight"

14 Nov

53rd ESReDA Seminar "Enhancing Safety: The Challenge of Foresight"

14/11/2017- 15/11/2017



The European Safety and Reliability Data Association (ESReDA) and the European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC JRC) are co-organising a seminar addressing foresight in safety (14 & 15 Nov 2017, JRC, Ispra, Italy). The seminar will bring together different stakeholders interested in foresight in safety in high technology sectors (aviation, chemical, nuclear, etc.). It will be an opportunity to discuss various issues related theories, concepts, and experiences of enhancing foresight in safety and its role in the risk management process. 

Papers for the seminar are welcome from various stakeholders (industrialists, regulators, safety boards, universities, R&D organisations, engineering contractors and consultants, training specialists) and could address different sectors: Energy sector (nuclear and non-nuclear); Process industry (oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical facilities); Transport (rail, road, air and maritime,  supply and distribution network, operation); Aerospace industry; and Critical infrastructure (electricity, water, telecommunications, information systems Public sector and government).

This seminar is aimed at addressing issues met by different industries. Additional topics may be included if they fit well within the theme of the seminar and are applicable to foresight in safety, such as natural disasters, na-tech disasters, food safety, sanitary crisis, and banking.

Preliminary program is available with expected 30 lectures (including 4 invited).

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Address: EC JRC, Via Enrico Fermi 2749, Ispra, Italy