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Training Course on Root Cause Analysis and Event Investigation

15 May

Training Course on Root Cause Analysis and Event Investigation

15/05/2017- 19/05/2017




The European Network on Operational Experience Feedback (OEF) for Nuclear Power Plants, called “the EU Clearinghouse”, is organized as a network operated by a central office located at Petten (The Netherlands) that is part of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. It gathers European Safety Authorities from EU countries that have operating NPPs and Switzerland. It is also open to European TSO and international organizations. Since its founding in 2008 the EU Clearinghouse provided products and services to its members and to wider nuclear community. Products and services include technical and scientific work to disseminate the lessons learned from past operating experience, background research in OEF, topical operational experience reports, training, etc. for its members and also public information related to recent operational experiences and its work.



This training is aimed to provide attendees with knowledge of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods and tools frequently used in the practice of nuclear events investigation. Emphasis shall be put on practical usage of universal RCA tools such as Event and Causal Factors Charting (ECFC), Barrier Analysis, Change Analysis, Task Analysis, Interviewing, Management Oversight and Risk Tree Analysis which are used practically in all event investigations and are appropriate for analysis of Human and Organisational Factors contributing to nuclear events.

The training will provide complete information on the nuclear event investigation process and root cause analysis. It shall be comprehensible to participants with various level of knowledge of these processes.



The following topics will be covered by the course:

  • Definitions and Basic Concepts to Operating Experience, Corrective Action Program, and Root Cause Analysis, Model Program for Root Cause Analysis,
  • Human Performance,
  • Analytical Techniques: Event & Causal Factors Chart,
  • Analytical Techniques: Barrier Analysis,
  • Change Analysis,
  • Fault Tree Analysis,
  • Task Analysis and Interviewing,
  • Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT) Analysis,
  • Evaluating the quality of the corrective actions with respect to risk assessment,
  • Root Cause Analysis – International Perspective.

A wide diversity of learning methods will be used during the five-days course to help trainees to understand materials. Formal lectures will be followed by practical examples. Trainees have to work on groups of 3 or 4 persons on some practical exercises. Examples will be done during the course to teach how to use the tools that are presented.

The training course will be given by four recognized experts in the field: Ms. Maria Jose Esteban (Tecnatom), Dr. Milorad Dusic (NUCCON), Mr. Dorian Conger (Conger &Elsea) and Mr. Ivan Vrbanic (APOSS).



The training course will be held at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Petten, about 20 Km north of Alkmaar, The Netherlands, from 15th to 19th May, 2017.

Formal registration to the course opened on 11th January 2017 with the second announcement of this event. Deadline for registration is 03rd March 2017.



The training course language will be English.



Due to the tourist season in May nearly all hotels are fully booked, but a block reservation will be made at the Amrath hotel (



Local transport from/to the hotel to/from the venue will be arranged by JRC. Details will be provided in due time.

General Information

Address: Westerduinweg 3 1755 LE Petten, The Netherlands